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Frank K. Gomberg

Frank Gomberg was called to the Ontario Bar in 1979 and for 20 years acted principally for plaintiffs in wrongful death and personal injury claims. He represented families at a number of landmark Coroners Inquests, including the inquests into the 1995 TTC subway crash and the 1998 in-hospital death of Lisa Shore.

Frank was designated a Specialist in Civil Litigation by the Law Society of Upper Canada in January, 1990. He resigned as a specialist in 2005 given his evolving practice and is now a full-time mediator. Frank now spends all of his professional time mediating civil cases pending in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. He has mediated over 4200 such claims since he began mediating in 1995.

Frank is a graduate of the Harvard Mediation Workshop (1995) and of the Advanced Mediation Workshop (1996). He believes in the transformative power of apology as an element in mediated settlements. He has written a major research paper entitled "Apology for the Unexpected Death of a Child in a Healthcare Facility: a Prescription for Improvement" which is available online.

Frank has taught Trial Advocacy for the former Ontario Centre for Advocacy Training (OCAT), The Advocates' Society, to law students at Osgoode Hall Law School and at Osgoode's annual Intensive Trial Advocacy Workshop (ITAW). He has lectured and written extensively on personal injury, mediation, negotiation and related topics. He has chaired or co-chaired numerous Advocates' Society, Law Society and Ontario Trial Lawyers Association programs. He has taught for the Toronto Police Service. He has been on many panel discussions on damages, settlement of civil cases at mediation, ethical considerations at mediation, strategies for success at mediation and ancillary topics.  Learn more at http://www.gombergmediation.com

Frank lives in Toronto; though he is a Montrealer at heart.

Ontario 1979

  • Master of Laws (LL.M. in Alternative Dispute Resolution)
    Osgoode Hall Law School of York University (2011)
  • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) now Juris Doctor (J.D.)
    Osgoode Hall Law School of York University (1977)
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
    McGill University (1974)
    Three year degree completed in two years.
    Graduated with Great Distinction with a Major in English Literature
  • Diploma of Collegial Studies (C.E.G.E.P.)
    McGill University (1972)

  • The Displacement of Trial by Mediation in Personal Injury Disputes; Tips for Success in this Brave New World of Civil Litigation, Part 1-The Litigator (October 2012) at p. 21 | Part 2-The Litigator (December 2012) at p. 58, available at gombergmediation.com
  • Apology for the Unexpected Death of a Child in a Healthcare Facility: A Prescription for Improvement. Major Research Paper for Professor Leslie H. Macleod, Osgoode Hall Law School, Osgoode Professional Development LL.M. in Alternative Dispute Resolution, April 14, 2011, available at gombergmediation.com

  • An Analytical Critique of Civil Justice in Ontario from a Systems Perspective: User Beware. Paper for Professor Leslie H. Macleod, Osgoode Hall Law School, Osgoode Professional Development LL.M. in Alternative Dispute Resolution, October 27, 2010, available at gombergmediation.com

  • Of Pictograms, Karate, Bicycle Gears and The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator; Reflections on Teaching, Training and Coaching. Paper for Professor Colleen Hanycz and Professor Delee Fromm, Osgoode Hall Law School, Osgoode Professional Development LL.M. in Alternative Dispute Resolution, July 2, 2010, available at gombergmediation.com

  • Inter-Cultural Litigation of Eruv* Disputes in Quebec, New York and New Jersey; A Post-Mortem** Examination of Lost Opportunities. Paper for Professor Michelle LeBaron, Osgoode Hall Law School, Osgoode Professional Development LL.M. in Alternative Dispute Resolution, May 3, 2010, available at gombergmediation.com

  • Anatomy of a Child Wrongful Death Mediation: Practice and Theory
    Paper for Professor D. Paul Emond, Osgoode Hall Law School, Osgoode Professional Development LL.M. in Alternative Dispute Resolution, December 21, 2009, available at gombergmediation.com

  • Personal Injury Litigation in Ontario at the Millennium. The Lawyers Weekly November 20, 1998, Butterworths Canada Ltd., Toronto, Ontario Cross-Examination at Trial in a Civil Case: Musings on the Avoidance of Land Mines. Published in the book Advocacy in Court...A Tribute to Arthur Maloney, Q.C. Canada Law Book, 1987 (192 pages) 

  • The Defence of Environmental Law Suits, with L. H. Mandel 
    Paper presented to the Canadian Environmental Law Research Foundation (1980) 


  • A Discussion of the Legal, Ethical and Moral Questions that Confront the Critical Care Physician: How Does the Law Treat the Doctor?, 129 Canadian Medical Association Journal 1034 (1983), Legal Medical Quarterly Volumes 5, 6, 7 (1981-1983) 160
  • Acceptance of Money Paid into Court by One of Several Defendants: Lawyer Beware, 1 Advocates'; Quarterly 23 (1977-78)
  • John A. Olah’s The Art and Science of Advocacy, Chapter 7A Mediation Advocacy: The New Battle Ground, Carswell


2015 Gold Key Alumni Award for Service, Osgoode Hall Law School of York University May 4, 2015

Interests & Involvement:

Board of Directors — Legal & Other

  • Daughters For Life Foundation 2013–2014
  • Ontario Trial Lawyers' Association
  • Board of Directors (1996–December 31, 1998)
  • Ontario Centre for Advocacy Training (O.C.A.T) (1994–1996)
  • Treasurer of O.C.A.T. (1995–December 31, 1998)
  • The Advocates' Society (1992–1997)
  • Dunloe Childrens' Centre (1994–1996)
  • President of Dunloe (1995–1996)

Professional Memberships:
  • The Advocates' Society
    Member, Programme Committee (1994–1997)
    Chairman, Civil Jury Review Committee of The Advocates' Society (1994)
    Co-Chairman, Membership and Marketing Committee of The Advocates' Society (1993–1994)
  • The Canadian Bar Association
  • The County of York Law Association
  • The Law Society of Upper Canada
  • The Lawyers Club
  • The Medical Legal Society of Toronto
  • The Metropolitan Toronto Lawyers Association
  • The Ontario Bar Association
  • The Ontario Centre for Advocacy Training (O.C.A.T.), (now defunct), Treasurer, (1995–1998)