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Since its inception more than 35 years ago lawyers at Teplitsky LLP have represented many of the largest developers and builders in the real estate sector. As a result, we have been intimately involved with our client's needs during the industries good times and bad. Each approach is unique, often guided by the times and always guided by the clients circumstances and goals. We are frequently consulted to supplement advice received from client's real estate solicitors who are not as experienced in avoiding and/or managing or resolving disputes. Developers and builders often need an expeditious solution. We at Teplitsky LLP are wired that way as well. Our lawyers have been involved both behind the scenes, guiding the process, or in the forefront of many of the largest projects including urban renewal (brown fields), condominium development, development and building out green fields throughout the GTA. We have developed a niche as trusted advisors to leaders in the industry.

It will come as no surprise that lawyers at Teplitsky LLP are also no strangers to the courts. If it takes or may take court proceedings to achieve solutions and results, Teplitsky LLP is where you want to be.