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Professional Negligence

For most clients deciding whether or not to bring a claim against one of their professional advisors, whether it be their lawyer, accountant, architect, engineer or medical professional can be a tough decision. Such decisions require an understanding as to whether or not your trusted advisor has failed to meet the applicable standard of care, has a conflict of interest, has breached a fiduciary or other duty owed to you, failed to warn you of things that you needed to know in making choices before any problem occurred or has simply breached their contract with you entitling you to a remedy. They also require a practical assessment of the strength of your case, the approaches available for resolution, and the advantages and potential pitfalls associated with going forward.

Lawyers at Teplitsky LLP have experience in providing the necessary assistance to guide their clients in making a reasonable decision in exactly these tough circumstances. Our lawyers have practices which touch on a wide variety of inter-related practice and subject areas and we believe that helps us to see your matter and potential claim in context. This should and has provided comfort to clients who need a lawyer who is not pigeon-holed into a narrow area of legal practice.

Our professional negligence lawyers are experienced in navigating these matters including practically assessing your claim, preserving your rights in the face of limitation periods, dealing with errors and omissions insurers, consulting experts in the relevant field who may in the end be required to testify on your behalf or provide an expert report supportive of your claim. By consulting an experienced lawyer at Teplitsky LLP at the earliest possible stage of your matter, you will obtain counsel that will help you assess, navigate and – when possible and appropriate – avoid, a professional negligence claim.

If you believe you may have a professional negligence claim, please reach out to one of our experienced professional negligence lawyers. We get it. We can help.