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Franchise Law and Litigation

We understand that parties in a franchise relationship want to focus on growing their businesses. However, when difficulties arise or the relationship breaks down and the parties can no longer continue operating in the same way, you need experienced franchise counsel to explain and protect your rights.

Whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee, we are here to assist. We have represented both parties in all types of franchise disputes, including those that escalate to litigation, arbitration and mediation.

We are recognized as leading experts in the industry. We have a wealth of experience dealing with issues such as disclosure, rescission, renewal, termination, good faith, franchise system changes, rebates, commercial leasing, class actions and other related claims. Our lawyers have perspective and are uniquely placed to reach the right practical or legal solution for your business.

We believe that each franchise dispute is unique and requires an individualized approach to suit your particular needs. If you have an issue regarding a franchise, please contact one of the members of our experienced franchise team.